Thursday, March 20, 2014

OncoSec Medical (ONCS) May 21-24, 2014 ASGCT 17th Annual Meeting

Scientific Symposium 213
Thursday May 22, 2014

Richard Heller, PHD

Non-Viral Gene Transfer of pIL-12 for the Treatment of Melanoma: Results from Phase 1 and 2 Trials

Electrotransfer of plasmids encoding cytokines directly to tumors has been shown to generate a local and systemic anti-tumor effect in both preclinical and clinical studies. In the clinical studies, patients with in-transit cutaneous melanoma recevied at least one treatment cycle (days 1,5,8) of intratumor pIL-12 delivered by electrotransfer in up to four lesions per cycle. In both Phase 1 and 2 trials increases in IL-12 levels and enhanced immune activity were observed and the therapy was well tolerated. Intratumor treatment with pIL-12 electrotransfer exhibited a systemic antitumor immune response with activity in both treated and non-treated sites of disease and objective response to treatment. These postive results provide the rationale for an expanded study.    

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